Bicycle Friendly Businesses

Bicycles are good for business, good for Cleveland, and good for you

It’s no coincidence that business districts with excellent bicycle infrastructure are also some of the most financially successful and least vacant. Businesses thrive when people feel comfortable enough to bike up, lock up, and walk in. This is especially true for employers who embrace bicycle commuting as a viable alternative for their employees. Bike Cleveland is paving the way for successful business districts by helping create places that are accessible for people to bike to, and feel their property is safe. Cyclists like to frequent businesses they identify as bike friendly, and prospective & current employees will view your company more favorably if you take a forward approach to integrating bicycles into your company culture. Bike Cleveland can help identify you as a “Bicycle Friendly Business” by providing you positive exposure for your commitment, a decal to place in your window or on your door, and a web icon to use online.

CLE Bicycle Friendly Business

Some things to consider:


Being bike friendly includes many factors that are important to the cycling community.  Secure parking options for your customers and visitors, facilities for your employees to conveniently store their bicycle, clothes, and gear during the workday, incentives for leaving the car behind, and more.  Every business is unique, and there are many ways to achieve the goal of truly being bicycle friendly.

The first and most visible part is offering a proper place for people to park their bike.  Most businesses have huge investments in parking infrastructure for cars, but little or no thought about where cyclists can park. Adding this amenity does not have to be expensive, and we can consult you on the best solution. You can learn more about bike parking and see some examples of popular racks on our Bike Parking Page. We are an authorized dealer of Dero Bike Racks and can provide expertise on rack type and placement to best serve your customers needs, and those of your employees.

Along with creating a plan for your parking amenities, we will do an assessment of your policies, culture, and other factors to see if you are ready to be labeled a bicycle friendly business at this first level.  If you are ready to take this first step, improve your business and help make Greater Cleveland a better community, please contact Jason Kuhn at or jump right in with this questionnaire to get started




Whether you ride a bike or not, be certain that your company has employees and customers who do. It has been proven nationally that Bike Friendly cities have a competitive advantage in attracting talent and investment, and Bike Cleveland is transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk. Becoming a business member supports these endeavors, and helps us create better places for your business to thrive in.

Beyond this, Business Membership gets you the following –

You can choose between two levels of business support that fits your companies marketing budget and commitment to the mission of Bike Cleveland.  All partner level benefits are good for one full calendar year from the date you join.


Bike Cleveland’s “Bike Friendly Business” program is designed to build a supportive and diverse network of Cleveland businesses that recognize the potential cycling poses for employee health, corporate sustainability, and economic growth by attracting and retaining talent. Moreover, businesses that are bike friendly attract customers who have been proven to shop more frequently, and spend more monthly dollars than people in cars. We have successfully consulted with a wide range of businesses on providing the facilities and policies that encourage a bike friendly culture.  The next step involves building on your company’s commitment and getting you recognition on a national scale.