Who We Are

We are the 501(c)(3) advocacy non-profit for people on bikes in the Greater Cleveland area. Representing over 800 due paying members and more than 25 local businesses, we make sure that any time the conversation turns to transportation — that people on bikes are being considered alongside people in cars. We work to improve policy, infrastructure, and legislation to help make our roads places that serve people and communities, not just traffic.  Our efforts are broad, and we have achieved a lot in our short history. If you care about sustainable and equitable transportation, join the movement!

Significant Accomplishments

Mission Statement

“Bike Cleveland builds livable communities by promoting all forms of cycling and advocating for the rights and equality of the cycling community.”

Our Vision

“Greater Cleveland neighborhoods are designed and built to foster biking, walking and public transit. More people are riding and able to do it safely. For transportation, recreation and sport, bicycling and walking are viable and safe options and ideal tools for active, healthy lifestyles. The region feels the pulse of the cycling culture. Bike Cleveland events attract thousands; bicyclists and pedestrians are accepted as equals on our streets and in our parks; comprehensive complete streets policies and practices ensure that our community grows inclusively and sustainably – all sources of pride for everyone. Public and private sectors proactively support cyclists and pedestrians as a positive force for the community. All people—across diverse cultures, income levels, genders, and backgrounds–feel that they have a role in Bike Cleveland.”

Our Goals

Bike Cleveland is working every day to make Greater Cleveland a better place to ride and live. We’re pushing to make sure our region is Building For Bikes so that we can Get People Pedaling, and help them do so Free From Fear. We’re working with others to Champion The Change and we’re Flipping The Script on the conversation about transportation. Together, we will Build A Movement For All.

FInancial Information

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